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Art Director/Graphic Designer, Austin, TX.

I'm Ciaradh (KEER-ah) Twomey (Irish: Ó Tuama)

I was born in Ireland but moved to Texas when I was 15.

I studied Advertising at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX

It took me a while to find my career path. Ever the curious spirit I tried a lot of things. Since discovering advertising and its creative roles I can truly say I do what I love. 

As a self professed ADGeek, I love staying on top what's what in the industry both in America and across the world. 

Here is an image of the first advertisement I ever made. Created for a 5th class assignment circa 2009. Hopefully my art direction and copywriting have improved since then. It sits framed above my desk for the moments when I need a little encouragement and inspiration.

Throwback to a younger creative


Photography by Ciaradh Twomey

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